All Marlene Fernandez products come with a 3-month guarantee. Has your order developed a defect
within 3 months due to an error on our part? Then we’ll repair it for free upon presentation of your
receipt. Our guarantee does not apply to discoloration caused by exposure to rain or sun.

Has your order developed a defect or been damaged after a period of 3 months? Then we’ll be happy
to handle the repairs. Repair costs will be determined on an individual basis. For inquiries, please
email: info@marlenefernandez.nl

Rest assured: every bag purchased from Marlene Fernandez is guaranteed to be of the highest
quality. Marlene Fernandez takes care to work with the best leather suppliers and materials. Moreover,
we use a protective leather spray on all of our products prior to sale.
Leather is a truly natural product, a living material. Accordingly, visible nerves, pores, scars and minor
variations in thickness and color are a sign of authenticity and to be expected. Such characteristics will
not be considered cause for a discount or refund.

Questions about Marlene Fernandez’ products and services? Feel free to reach out using the contact
information below.

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The Netherlands

Telephone: 06 20691456

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Chamber of Commerce number: 65011139
VAT-number: NL002390934B50

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